Welcome to our company introduction section. Let us take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to all of you. Our business consists of 3 main parts: Selling saltwater fishes and invertebrates, Selling corals, and Building custom - made tanks, wood cabinets, and canopies. Besides these, we even have manufactured our own products.

Having been established for over 18 years, Wai's Aquarium has earned a good reputation in keeping fishes and corals healthy without using copper or any kind of medicine to control diseases in the local aquarium business. We started our business from carrying both fresh- and salt-water species. Until recently we have decided to specialize only saltwater aquarium in order to fit our customers' need.

Here are a few pictures of our own products:

Right now, half of our tanks contain saltwater fishes like Anglefishes, Anthiasfishes, Butterflies, Damsels, Groupers, Hawkfishes, Hogfishes, Lionfishes, Parretfishes, Puffers, Surgeonfishes (Tangs), Triggers, Wrasses and invertebates like Anemones, Crabs, Eels, Featherdust Worms, GriantClams, Scallops, Seahorses, Shrimps, Snails, Starfishes, Lobsters. Other uncommon species such as, Cuttlerfishes, Dragonet fishes, Flounder, Frogfishes, Jawfishes, Scorpions, Stonefishes, Ocptus, Tilefishes, Walkingbat fishes can also be found in our store. If you want to see more really cool pictures of our tanks, please visit our gallery. WaisGallery

This is a Leopard Shark. This is a baby and it can grow up to 3 to 4 feet! It is a very active shark and it is easy to keep in aquarium.( This picture is also from our store. )

(Above left) This is another picture taken in our store. See the two Giant Clams. The largest Giant Clam that we have is about 7 inches! (Above right) This is a picture of a Sea Apple recently brought into our store.
The other half of our tanks are filled with different types of corals. Although, it is impossible to cover all the different species we keep in our tanks, here is a short list for what we have in stock.
For hard corals, we have Acroporas, Echinoboras, Elegance Corals, Frogspawns, Gonioporas, Hydnophoras, Lobophyllias, Merulinas, Pipe-Organs, Stylocoeniellas, Stylophores, and many others.
For soft corals, we have Carnations, Chilis, Colts, Dendronephthyas, Finger Leathers, Green Finger Leathers, Neptheas, Yellow Leathers, and much more.
We also carry Christmas Trees, Colonal Polyps, Gorgonian, Polyps, Mushrooms, Sea Fans, Star Polyps, Xenia.
In addition to the different species, we have a fair amount of Fiji Live Rocks, and Samoa Rocks. For more information on live rocks, please visit our MoreBioFilteration page. MoreBioFilteration
If you want to see more really cool pictures of our tanks, please visit our gallery. WaisGallery

This entire tank is one of our own work. We have been making wood caninets and canopies for our customers for years. To see another picture of our cutom made cabinets

Besides selling different saltwater species and the related chemicals and dry goods, we specialize in custom-made tanks and exotic wood cabinets and canopies. For those who are interested in getting his or her own custom-made tank, please feel free to contact us. We will give them useful ideas that we have gained from our experience and will discuss problems that may occur in different setups. In the past 5 years, we have installed over hundreds of aquarium for both home and office decoration. Most of the tanks that we have installed for our customers are about 150 to 500 gallons. The largest tank that we have installed for home decoration is 750 Gallons! Within our store, we have in total over 4000 gallons of saltwater aquariums.