Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section. On this page, we would like to give you the introduction to the series of FAQ pages and the related content that you can find in this portion of our web site. There are 3 sub pages under the FAQ section. The 3 pages address different issues and one is more involved than the other. Please use the above selection box for accessing the pages.

The FAQ page was done in the very early stage of this web site. The page includes 4 fundamental questions for those who have absolutely no idea, but are interested to find out more about getting his or her own tank. The answers to those 4 questions are also included.

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What setup do you need for a saltwater aquarium ...

What about the tank size ...

Starting Your Cycle ...

Watch you chemical levels ...

The FAQII page was finished only a month a ago and it addresses more serious questions and assumes that readers have already purchased their tanks and ready to set up their systems. The objective of this page, however, is not to teach the readers about what to set up their systems. Rather, the objective of this page is to warn the readers about the different problems that are frequently encountered and bothered the beginners. The information presented in this page is only the brief highlights of the information that readers can find in the More Bio Filteration, More Chemicals, and More Lighting series, which are considered to be for the advance saltwater aquarium people who have been keeping a saltwater aquarium for some time. So if the readers are interested in learning more of these key elements of the saltwater aquariums, please go ahead to the Introduction to Aqua Technologies to decide which page to read first.

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Problems that You Will Encounter (Very Soon)

Algae Problem

Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate Problem

pH Problem

About Water Change

Silicate, Phoshate, and the Minimum Set of Test Kits

Lighting Systems

The FAQ III page is indeed still under construction. This page picks up the problems that had been identified in the 2nd FAQ page and points out what can you do to get rid of the problems. This page also includes tips on maintainance of your tank. Since maintainance is something that every one in the saltwater aquariums must do regularly, it is highly recommended for any beginners to go back to this page whenever he or she has questions about what to do in keeping the system running.

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Why is it so difficult for me to maintain my tank ?

Why do you need some one who knows more than you to guide you along?

Phosphate Test Kit

Phosphate Remover

MERLIN Fluidized Bed Bio - Filter