Latest News of Wai's Aquarium

New Updates in the Holiday

Welcome back and Merry Christmas everyone. The webmaster is back and is excited to work on the site again. Here is the plan in the following 2 weeks.

a) A New Home page : The webmaster is always not too happy with the Home page. It just doesn't look professional. The new Home page is under construction and hopefully will look much better than the existing one.

b) Plankton Reactors: This should be a promising page since a number of related products are already available in the shop and the plankton reactor itself seems to be an interesting device.

c) Custom Made Tanks: To introduce the custom tank building side of our business, let's go to Daniel's workshop and see the fancy toys that he has. The service plan will also be discussed.

d) Ozonizers : Although ozonizers have been covered in the More Biofilteration II, the information will be summarized and a new ozonizer (better than the one we introduced before) will be introduced

e) Lights: The missing information on Aqua Star and Aqua Space will be included.

This is quite a plan! The webmaster will try to finish as much as he can in the holiday. (Information posted on Dec 22, 2000)

Other pages that have been proposed :

f) Lighting System: This page will entend the existing More Lighting page to include the basics such as choosing the type of light bulbs to give the light spectrums needed, the Power Compact system, the Moon light system, the Aqua Star Light system, and the new Aqua Space Light. The Aqua Star Light is the entry level of Aqua Space Light. It is a new product that has just been introduced to North America recently. In fact, we have installed our Aqua Space Light only 3 days ago. We will also discuss the use of coolers in the tanks which is an important issue especially if you are using the heavy duty lighting system such as the Aqua Space Light. [up, but incomplete - to be finished in the coming weeks.]

g) Disease: This page will be introducing different diseases that are common to saltwater aquariums. We will look at the types of diseases and the available treatments. We will also provide a few simple tips for you to identify the type of disease that may be bothering your fishes. The information on the types of diseases is originally meant to be included in the FAQ III. But since we feel that we should really have a page strictly on diseases, the FAQ III page will not be including this bit of information and we will be updating the FAQ III some later time.

Reduce Home Page Loading Time

The webmaster has recently learnt that it took too long for some people to load the JPEGs on the Home page. In fact, some people simply quit visiting this site because of that. So the Company Introduction section and Access to Other Pages section have now become individual pages. This should reduce the loading time for the home page significantly. However, if the problem remains, the resolution of the JPEGs will be reduced and high resolution JPEGs will be provided as links instead. Or the webmaster will try some thing else. Thank you for pointing it out. (Information posted on Nov 14, 2000)

Request for Customers' Comments

If you are one of our customers and you would like to give us comment on your impressions of our services, please feel free to email your comment to us. The comments will be included in the Who Are We page, which is meant to introduce not only Daniel and the web master, but also our customers to the rest of the people checking this site. The idea of the page is to show that not only our tanks look good, but also our customers' tanks also look good. You can simply tell us how you get to know us in the beginning and how do you like our services, or anything you want. If you have not visited our Who Are We page, please check it out since this is where your comments will go. (Information posted on Oct 2, 2000)

Netscape Users

The web master is well known to all the defects of viewing this web site with the Netscape versions. Some pictures do not show up and links are jumping to the wrong places. The web master would like to apologize to all Netscape users that he is not planning to fix the problem. There is really very little for the web master to do since there is almost always a diffenence between the two browsers. Since the IE 5.x version supports the HTML 4.0 and the CSS stuff, the web master only makes the web site with the best available. There is an IE 5.5 version included in the Fast Link section. (The web master believes that there is a newer version than the 5.5 now.) If you have installed the 5.5 version, you will notice a huge difference compared to what you see on Netscape and you will have no problem to view all the moving objects in this web site at all. (Information poasted on Oct 1, 2000)