July 2001
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May 19: The Web Site is once again under construction. The webmaster is reworking the html code to convert to CSS style. Flash movies will soon be introduced. Note that this page is modified using CSS1 & CSS2 format. Please make sure that your browser supports CSS for proper viewing.

May 24: Our first Flash movie is ready. It will be installed once the minor details are cleared. Please make sure that your browser is capable to handle shockwave movies.


A b o u t

this Web Site

"We are still building this site and hope that it is going to be a much bigger site in the future. So please visit us in a bi-weekly basis to see new stuff and really cool pictures of ours and our customers' aquariums. See You Soon!!!"

This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.x version; you can download I.E. 5.5 version here. It has been reported that the site behaves abnormally in the Netscape 4.73 version. The advance features, such as sliding menus included in some articles, are not supported by the Netscape version.