On this page, we would like to introduce ourselves to you so that you have an idea of the people who are giving you all of the information on this site. We will be asking for our cutomers to take a picture with us and to write a short paragraph about our services and the other stuff. We want to let you know that not only our tanks look good, and more importantly, our customers' tanks also look good. For now, let us introduce ourselves first.

Daniel Wai, The owner of Wai's Aquarium.

"I have been in this (aquarium) business for over 18 years and I'm very happy to have this web site set up to introduce myself and my own business to all of you out there. I've been thinking about setting up something like this for a very long time. Too many customers have come to me after they had some real bad experience with the other stores. I'm not trying to sell myself to you, but the truth is that not all the sales people (there) know what they are supposed to do to maintain the tanks. I have specifically told James to write the articles easy to read and so that everyone understands what to do.

It is true that there are many books out there to educate people about chemcials, filters, etc. But my advice is to use common sense when you read these books. For example, I always use the analogy of opening the windows in your house to compare with doing water change in your tank. Not doing enough water change is like not opening your windows in your house. The fishes are like us; they need fresh air (water). Besides using your common sense, I also stress that you need to talk to more people, rather than just reading the books. Learn from the others' experience and share your own experience with the others. In fact, a lot of my knowledge comes from my customers' experience too. If you have never been my store, you can always come and ask all of your questions and I' m very happy to answer them for you."

Later on, when the site is switched to the www domain, I'll also expand this site to an e-comm site to serve my many out-of-town customers. Looking forward to it!"

James Mak, The Webmaster

"I'm the writer, the editor, the photographer, and the designer of this web site. That is, the one to blame if you see any spelling errors, dead links, and marginal quality photos. This web site is a very interesting and more importantly, useful summer job that I ever had before. I'm only an amateur in web design and I would like to thank Daniel for giving me a chance to try. This job is going to make my resume look awesome. (I'm going to finish the 4th year of my electrical engineering and economics degree in U of C this coming year.) It's very nice for me to talk to all of the kind people I met in the store. I was never into the saltwater aqua. hobby before and so the readings was quite painful for me initially. But as I've been reading the books and talking to Daniel about his experience, I begin to see that it is indeed a very interesting hobby. Thank you for all of you visiting this site and see you sometime in the shop!"

Our Customers

Besides introducing ourselves, we would like to invite any of our customers to write a paragraph or two about what they think of our services. A very good start will be something like: How you get to know us in the beginning? How do you find our services? Or simply whatever you think is appropriate. To contact us, you can either email Daniel, save your paragraph on a disk and drop it in our shop, or simply write it down on a piece of paper (and we will type it up for you). As soon as we have recieved your comment, it will soon be included on this page.