No Online Transactions! Email your order to us.

Inside the above menu "Shopping Cart", there is an option "Editing Shopping Cart". Click on the option and you can find a form that has the selected items which we have for our e-commerce service. Submitting the form then generates a non-encrypted email to Upon receiving your email, Daniel will either give you a call or send you an email to confirm your purchase and discuss details, such as, shipping and other applicable fees and payment methods. If emails work properly, you will be reached the next day after you placed your order.

Instruction for Using Our Form:

1) It is sufficient to fill out your personal info only once. Please specify area code if not in calgary.

2) After entering the info, hit "Add Item" then "Show All" to bring up a window to see your shopping cart. The info will be sent to us.

3) If you want to continue, hit "Clear Form" once and pick the Item Name, the Unit Price, and enter a Number of Purchase again. Then update your shopping cart sumamry by hitting "Show All" again. We asked one thing from you: Please hit "Email Us" button every time after you have picked a selection and generate a new email to us. (This is because Submit command only sends the current values in the form, but not an array of the items you have chosen (unlike "Show All"))