Reef Solution 500ml

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Reef Solution is an all-natural product. The multiple minerals and multi-vitamins contained in Reef Solution are derived from a collection of 22 different types of plants. This assortment of plants also provides phyto-nutrients to corals, invertebrates and fish in the marine/reef aquarium.Reef Solution is designed to enhance the coral reef aquarium environment. It will not and should not interfere with other chemical additives used in the reef aquarium. Vitamins and minerals not used by the reef aquarium inhabitants will not accumulate in the aquarium, but will be converted into normal nutrients like food, which, in turn, can be removed by the filtration system and/or algae in the aquarium. During tests conducted on Reef Solution over two years, Reef Solution has shown outstanding results in marine reef. The results of these studies are as follows:

• More vibrant coloration in both corals and fish
• Increased polyp extension in corals
• Increased appetite in fish in the aquarium
• All reef aquarium inhabitants appear extremely healthy overall.